$7,253       Grades 9 –12



$  150        Application fee (new students only)

$    75        Admissions testing (new students only)

$  475        Enrollment fee (annual fee for all students)

$    49       Locker fee (new students only)

$    35        Bank fee (annual fee for families choosing trimester or monthly payment option)


There are three options for tuition payments – payment in full by August 1st, a trimester payment schedule or a monthly payment schedule over a period of 9 months (beginning August 1st and ending May 1st- February 1st is skipped because re-enrollment fees of $475 per student are drafted on February 1st instead of tuition, unless a family emails us to withdraw for the following year prior to that date). The trimester and monthly payment option must be made by automatic bank draft. More details of these options are explained in the enrollment package.

*Additionally, students are required to purchase a Macbook laptop computer.  This computer is expected to last the student all four years of high school, so it is considered a one-time expense for all freshmen and new students entering Arborbrook Christian High School.

Please click here for more information on why we have chosen to be a Mac school and why we require each student to have a laptop:

Technology at Arborbrook 2011

Additional expenses may include but are not limited to the following: participation in athletics, Friday enrichment activities, Edu-Trips, electives, and mission trips.