Our Teachers

Beth Allen

High School English Teacher

(9th-10th grades)


  Following her grandmother and mother’s legacy as lifelong teachers, Beth Allen pursued a degree in Elementary Education at Clemson University.  She taught in both public and Christian elementary and middle schools for five years until her first of four children was born.  Beth’s love for learning combined with a passion for parenting, leading her to homeschool her own children for twelve years before returning to the classroom. During her homeschool years, she tutored middle and high school students, specializing in math and writing.  All of these experiences groomed her to join the Arborbrook staff in 2012 as our high school English A and B teacher.  This year Beth adds 7th and 8th grade math to her duties, enthusiastically linking her favorite subjects.
Dr. Amanda Stanford

High School English Teacher

(11th-12th grades)


  Dr. Amanda Stanford has taught English (literature and composition) in the United States, Mexico, Egypt, and Japan, but after spending the past ten years living on four continents and traveling to more than thirty countries she has now settled in North Carolina with her husband Ryan (retired Army and finance Instructor) and daughter Evie (lover of dinosaurs and Spiderman).  A consummate reader and writer, she earned both her Doctorate and Master’s degrees in English Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh, and her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of North Texas in 2002. Dr. Stanford has won two writing awards for short stories; the Keith Wright Prize from the University of Strathclyde, and the Sloan Prize from the University of Edinburgh. She is an International Latino Book Awards Winner and also publishes the Waverley Story Books for Children.  She loves tea, antiques, travel, books and gardening.
Robyn Kimball

High School Math Teacher

Math Department Chair


  Robyn has dedicated herself to teaching high school students through diverse and creative experiences; something she learned while serving on the mission field in Belize, Central America. Finishing high school in two and half years, she returned to the states to obtain her degree in Accounting; however, while serving as program director for Camp Advenchur summer youth camp, she quickly realized that her love of math was best expressed through teaching.  Always searching for creative ways to both encourage a desire for learning and open eyes to practical application, she has embraced the Charlotte Mason philosophy.  In addition to her 19 years of teaching all levels of high school math, she has been involved with yearbook, student council, volleyball, cheerleading, SAT prep, sign language, and community outreach. You will often find her collaborating with students to plan prom night, chauffeuring class trips, and attending sporting events to cheer on her students. She currently resides in Charlotte, NC to be close to her family.
Linda Diebold

High School Math Teacher


  Linda has been teaching school for over thirty-six years.  She taught at Charlotte Christian for ten years.  Over that period of time, she taught at all three levels: elementary, junior high, and high school.  She then started and ran her own private Christian school, Damascus Christian Academy, for fourteen years.  In the summer of 2005, she left to go on the mission field in Cambodia.  She taught English and math and also took on the responsibility as a live-in house-parent to ten orphan girls.  Her final year in Cambodia, she moved to a province to teach English as a second language at a church school.  Linda has always loved young people and can honestly say that she has never met a student she has not grown to love.
Dr. Jeffrey Nystrom

High School Science Teacher


  Raised in a home where learning was always encouraged and during a time when televisions had four stations, Jeff spent much of his life exploring and truly admiring God’s Creation.  Jeff taught for seven years at Queens College (now Queens University) and 2 1/2 years at Weddington High School.  He has also taught at Central Piedmont Community College.  He holds an undergraduate degree in Chemistry from North Carolina State University and a PhD is in Analytical Chemistry from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  As a chemist, he has learned to see the beauty and complexity of God’s Creation at both macro and micro levels.  His love for nature and the world around him is carried over into his teaching and his desire to help others learn about and more fully appreciate how great and awesome our God and His Creation is!
Picture coming soon. Jeri Zangmeister

High School History Teacher


  Jeri has a BA in Communications from the Ohio State University. She moved to Charlotte from Ohio more than 10 years ago for her husband to attend Southern Evangelical Seminary. While at the seminary, Jeri earned a Certificate of Women’s Ministry and taught classes to students and student’s wives for this certificate program for several years. She has three children (one is a graduate of Arborbrook and one attends the high school) whom she also homeschooled for a few years. Her family has been at Arborbrook since the first year the school started. Jeri loves history and teaching and has a passion for carrying the faith to the next generation!
Picture coming soon. Jill Graham

Worldview & Apologetics Teacher

High School Drama Teacher


  Jill is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in secondary English Education.  After nine years of teaching English/ drama in the public schools, Jill discovered how delightful it is to teach at a Christian school like Arborbrook where she has taught drama, music, and a course on Lord of the Rings.  As an avid reader of Christian fantasy and with a Master’s degree in apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary, Jill brings a combination of imagination and a love of truth to the classroom.  Her desire as a teacher is to help students think through issues of faith so they will be able to stand firm through the challenges of life (especially college).  She also hopes to inculcate a love of imagination and the arts and an appreciation for the power the arts have to draw people to God.  
Andrew Weiler

High School Technology Teacher


  A writer, creator, maker, tinker, and thinker, Andrew Weiler has been building things since his parents first discovered legos and handed him a box. As close to a Charlotte native as they come, Andrew attended Myers Park High School and then went on to get his degree from UNC Chapel Hill in English. Currently the Director of Children’s Ministries at Forest Hill, Andrew has found himself doing everything from shooting video with Bedouins in Jordan to creating Rube Goldberg Contraptions to teach Bible Verses. Andrew is also co-founder of Humans With Kids, a small company that makes really cool stuff for parents that want to be a part of their child’s story. Their first app, Preschool Farm Fun, is available now for iPad.
Liz Peaseley

High School and Junior High Spanish Teacher


  Liz’s love for the Spanish language began over thirty years ago when she first took Spanish I as a Freshman in high school. Although she continued to study Spanish through the rest of high school as well as college, it was not until after college, while living and serving as a missionary in Mexico City, that she considers she really became proficient in Spanish. Since that time, the Lord has allowed her many opportunities to share her love of Spanish. She has worked as a Spanish teacher for a total of six years (four teaching home schooled students and two teaching at Arborbrook high school). Additionally, Liz has worked as a Spanish qualified Flight Attendant for Delta Airlines for 23 years, working flights mostly to Latin America. She has a B.A. in Human Services from Montreat-Anderson College, where she majored in Cross-Cultural Studies.
Dawn Anthony

Praise Band Teacher

Musical Theatre Director


  Dawn was born into a family of singers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with classical singers and choir directors on her father’s side and doo-wop singers on her mother’s! The tradition continues today in her own home. Dawn’s two daughters sing and her husband of twenty-three years plays bass.  She attained her BA in Music from Queens University of Charlotte and whether she’s teaching privately, facilitating workshops at the Children’s Theatre of Charlotte or leading the children’s choir at her church-home, her passion is helping others to truly find their own voice.  She has developed curriculum utilizing music to make connections for students in history, science, math and technology for CMS and the ASC for assembly and residency programs called DNAMuzic. Fun fact? She is a self-professed foodie, enjoys classic film and building relationship across cultures. She feels if she’s not learning…. she’s not growing. The Lord is ever teaching and ever showing!
Emily Shepherd

Nature Study Teacher

Garden Coordinator


  With a providentially green thumb and a passion for seeing the glory of God in creation, Emily Shepherd teaches Nature Study and leads our Edible Schoolyard Garden project. Her sense of awe started from a young age with living all over the world and earning her B.A. degree in Spanish and Secondary Education at the College of Charleston, SC in one of the most garden-filled cities in the world. Her experiences abroad forged in her a heart for the stranger and the poor, and she has combined her two loves by spearheading refugee garden projects in Charlotte, one of which was created by Arborbrook students. Emily loves to teach students to hunt for awe in creation, return it to God as worship, and find that awe a balm for the soul, and she finds the students’ gasps of delight in the garden addictive!  She has been watching food and faith grow in one garden or another for over 20 years.
Julie Scott

Finance and Junior Seminar Teacher


  Julie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and 14 years of teaching experience.  She and her husband were overseas missionaries for 25 years in Peru.  She is fluent in Spanish and her hobbies include reading and baking.  Her son Nicky attends Arborbrook.
Mary Beekman

Art Teacher


  Since childhood, Mary was interested in art but chose Foreign Missions as her major at Moody Bible Institute.  She later studied art at the University of Texas.  Missions and art have been intertwined since.  Mary with her pilot husband, Tom, served 22 years in Indonesia and they currently serve with JAARS/Wycliffe Bible Translators.  While in Indonesia she illustrated reading primers, taught K through 12 art at Hillcrest International School and developed Sunday School curriculum for their Indonesian church which she continues to do.  Mary and Tom’s five children were both homeschooled and attended the International School.  Mary has a love for art and enjoys watercolor and oil painting but most of all she has a passion to teach art to children.
Jim Hughes

P.E./Health Teacher

Campus Pastor


  Jim and his family first came to Charlotte as missionaries with the Charlotte Eagles Soccer Club. Jim had spent the previous 15 years, first as a student, then as a coach and the Associate Athletic Director of Taylor University-Ft Wayne. Jim and Renee’s connection with Arborbrook began as parents of Mariah and Erica, a graduate and present high school senior. Jim soon began coaching and teaching as an Arborbrook staff member. As an ordained minister with a men’s and family ministry Jim, along with Renee, are honored to join the Arborbrook community in its passion to prepare the next generation of Christ followers.